Friday, April 24, 2009

Where the Bluebonnets Grow

One of my favorite things when I lived in San Marcos, Texas was to make the drive back to Texarkana in the spring and see the bluebonnets that lined the roadways. Ever since Riley was a baby, I've been planning a roadtrip to get pictures of her in the bluebonnets. You see, they don't grow around Texarkana and I have to drive at least an hour away to see them. We finally had a free weekend and went to visit some family and friends in Burleson, Texas. We found an amazing field of blubonnets.... but we had 2 very uncooperative children. I didn't get a single good photo of Riley because she threw an epic tantrum.

The Photographer's Child

And this is the only photo I got of her cousin, Clayton.

But, I was able to get some photos of my beautiful friend Aimee and her adorable son.
Aimee & Her Son

I guess we'll try again next year. Hopefully Riley & Clayton will be a little more cooperative by then.


Courtney Fisk said...

they are still beautiful, even with a screaming toddler! wish we has a field like that down here.

Heidi said...

Your pictures are great! -Heidi