Monday, May 11, 2009

Rain & Sunshine

We had quite the time getting Meagan's bridal photos. Our first appointment was rained out, but we still managed to get a few shots.

Rainy Day Bride

This is inside the Chapel at Prissy Chrissy Ranch.

We rescheduled for the next week and finally got some sun! You know what they say about east Texas weather... if you don't like it, just wait a minute.


By the Gazebo


We took all of these photos at Prissy Chrissy Ranch in Texarkana. What an awesome place! Jan and Barnette are super-nice and there are lots of great locations for photos. I definitely recommend giving them a call if you're looking for a location for a wedding or just for photos.


thousand words photography said...

she is beautiful~ i LOVE the 3rd one!!

Swanky Straps Made By Jen said...

I bet she loved these. I like them all, but the 4th one is my fav. ;)

Darla Peters said...

Beautiful set of pics...the sun was well worth the wait.

AMcDow said...

These are beautiful! Love the guitar. Great job Kelli!

BoggsWifeNMom said...

These ARE amazing! Just keeps getting better and better! She's a beautiful bride too!

Prosechild said...

These are so gorgeous! I love them all :-)